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Webinar: Counter Terrorism in North Africa

Terrorism is a global phenomenon. Innately complex and multifaceted, terrorist groups spread insidious ideologies, destroy economic and social progress and undermine basic human rights. While the intensity of terrorism and resulting number of deaths has declined, it continues to be widespread with Africa having 3 counties in the top 10 most affected by terrorism. In 2019 alone there were nearly 8,500 terrorist attacks killing more than 20,300 people around the world. To address the increasingly localised threat and expansion of terrorism, nations must invest at every level of society by focusing on human rights, sustainability and rule of law. Implementation of counter terrorist and deradicalization strategies supported by effective governance are imperative to build state resistance, deny terrorist operations and instead encourage peace and stability. TSI and NATO South Hub invite you to join the conversation and contribute your insights and solutions to developing counterterrorist measures in the North African region.
Register your interest as an audience member HERE for the discussion on November 24th at 12:00 (GMT).



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