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Webinar on Challenges and Opportunities of Digital Technology in Africa

WEBINAR. During the last 20 years an ITC revolution has swept Africa. Yet despite rapid and widespread progress, significant effort is needed to create equitable access for all. From the abuse of technology to influence and corrupt, while also to empower and drive change, Africa is embracing new communication technologies.
TSI and NATO South Hub invite you to join the conversation on the use of ICT in Africa, and examine its role in maintaining or disrupting political, economic and social stability:

We will explore the following themes:

• What is the impact of modern digital technology on Security, Business and Economy in Africa?
• What are current threats to African states security via technology?
• How are youth engaging with online platforms?

The NATO Strategic Direction – South HUB connects allies, partners, civil society and subject matter experts to better predict and prevent instability and insecurity. Make your voice, opinions and ideas heard by following the link below.

The forum will be open from 0900 - 1700 on December 10th (GMT) and moderators will be ready to engage.

Join us in the following LINK.



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