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NSD-S Hub organised an Arab Cultural Awareness Training Course

The NSD-S Hub was pleased to deliver an engaging and vibrant Arab Cultural Awareness Training Course for JFC Naples personnel from the 24-26 Sep 19.  Guest presenters Maj Safwan Maharmeh and Maj Amen Al Btosh had flown over from the Jordanian Armed Forces and spoke over a wide range of topics and discussion points.  The course was open to all of JFCNP and was attended by 24 people.
Members of JFCNP where educated on Arab cultural awareness, women in an Arab Society, the do’s and do not’s which also included gestures and the differences between many societies views on what gestures actually mean.  What different types of dress codes they have why women and men wear certain types.  The final discussion period which presented the most questions and discussion was the overview of Islam.  The course was exceptionally insightful and Maj Safwan and Maj Amen did a fantastic job in delivering this dynamic and interactive course.
The course was a huge success and would not have been possible or credible without the support from the Jordanian Armed Forces and our presenters.  Whilst at times the topics raised and views aired may not be what is accustomed to the Western view, we should respect and acknowledge their views and beliefs as societies are all different. JFCNP personnel have all learned from this experience and developed their Arab cultural awareness.  This is the second time the course has run and it continues to add benefit to the NATO members within JFCNP.



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