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NSD-S HUB Director

Brigadier General Ignazio LAX  

Born in Termini Imerese (Palermo) in 1968, Brigadier General Ignazio LAX attended the 169th Course (1987–1989) at the Italian Army Military Academy following his studies in economics. He earned a Master’s degree in Economics at the University of Bologna in 1994. During his academic career, he also graduated at the University of Trieste in Political Sciences & International Relations, as well as a post-graduation degree in International Strategical-Military Studies at the Joint Defence High-Studies Center in Rome.

His first appointment in the rank of First Lieutenant was as Battery Deputy Commander in the 2nd Air Defence Artillery Regiment in Ravenna. He also served as Cadets’ Platoon Commander at the Military Academy in Modena, as Air Defence Artillery Battery Commander in Ravenna, as CBRN Battalion Commander in Civitavecchia (Roma) and as 17thAir Defence Artillery Regiment Commander in Sabaudia (Latina).

BG Lax has also an important background of working in staff at various levels, from the Army Airmobile Brigade to the joint & combined NRDC-ITA Staff as well as at the Italian Army General Staff in Rome.

In his military studies, he attended the Italian Army Staff Course in Civitavecchia, the US Army Command and General Staff College in Ft. Leavenworth (USA) and the Joint Staff College in Rome.

He served operational tours of duty at SFOR HQ in Sarajevo (BiH, 2000), at ISAF HQ in Kabul (AFG, 2003), at PJHQ for Op. "Antica Babilonia” in Northwood (GBR, 2004), and, already promoted to Brigadier General, as Commander of the Italian Bilateral Assistance and Support Mission in Tripoli (Libya, 2017-2018).

He has been appointed as Hub’s Director on 19 November 2018.

BG Lax is married to Chantal and they have four children.



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