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In February 2017 at a NATO Ministerial meeting NATO General Jens Stoltenberg announced the establishment of an information sharing organization as part of the NATO Strategic Direction South (NSD-S) initiative.  Formally established in September 2017, the NSD-S Hub is an exciting forum that connects Allies, Partners and Subject Matter Experts to better understand and overcome challenges, as well as look for opportunities in NATO’s South (Middle East, North Africa, Sahel, and Sub-Saharan Africa).  Through a holistic and collaborative approach, the Hub connects allies, partners and non-military entities by building networks and relationships with academia and international organisations.  The Hub aims to contribute to coordination, synchronisation, and de-confliction of NATO activities across the South, while optimising resources and maximising effectiveness.

Our Mission

  • To monitor and assess the dynamics of NATO’s operating environment by being a forum for engagement and information sharing.
  •  To inform operational and strategic leaders by enhancing our collective understanding and  proactively shape NATO’s decision-making.
  •  Provide NATO a strategic-level lens to better anticipate, preempt, limit, and overcome challenges.
  •  Be a positive force through confidence-building measures with non-military entitiesdedicated to long-term stability and prosperity for local populations in NATO’s South.

Our Comprehensive Approach











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