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  • In February 2017 at a NATO Ministerial meeting NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced the establishment of an information sharing organization as part of the NATO Strategic Direction South initiative.

    • This was followed by a formal directive from the Supreme Allied Commander Europe to Commander, Allied Joint Force Command Naples to:

"Establish a Hub, within the NATO Command Structure, that collects, collates analyses and disseminates information in order to contribute to NATO comprehensive understanding, situational awareness, decision making and information sharing for the south during peacetime, crisis and conflict.”  


    • Commander, Allied Joint Force Command Naples subsequently named the new organization NATO Strategic Direction South Hub, or NSD-S Hub.


  • The Hub concept includes four functional areas:

    • Function 1 – Contribution to information collection, management and sharing

    • Function 2 – Contribution to understanding, monitoring and assessment

    • Function 3 – Contribute to coordination of NATO’s activity in the south

    • Function 4 – Contribute to implementation/assessment of the Framework for the south. 

  • In light of current challenges that NATO member and partner states face at their southern borders, the Hub will act in accordance to its strategic concept as a coordination element for the cooperation between NATO commands and various civilian facilities dealing with security related issues.

    • Its purpose and its structure reflect the complexity of military and security policy as well as economically, ecological and demographical developments that increased in the regions’ countries over the last few years.

    • Some of the non-military actors the Hub will work with include regional development and crisis handling experts, academics, non-governmental organizations, and international organizations. 

  • The Hub aims to focus on southern regions to include the Middle East, North Africa and Sahel, sub-Saharan Africa and adjacent areas, waters and airspace. To get a better understanding of all these complexities, potential risks, threats and challenges, the Hub is designed to gather and exchange information between all civilian and military stakeholders.

    • One of the Hub’s goals is to take information and analysis that already exists and transform it into knowledge and information even more useful to stakeholders.

    • In terms of this, the Hub will serve as a platform to develop and provide ideas, expertise and knowledge of highly experienced NATO civilian and military subject matter experts to support non-NATO entities.


  • The Hub is a natural progression for NATO, as the staff at JFC Naples has for several years conducted Mobile Training Team events with partners across the Middle East and North Africa.  More recently, it has hosted several regional study days with diplomats and scholars at its Naples headquarters.

    • A key to the early stages of the Hub will be the sharing of good analysis which will allow NATO and others to be less surprised by and reactive to events, such as the case during the 2011 Arab Spring.

    • The Hub will serve as an enabler that aims to foster understanding and cooperation among stakeholders. 

    • The Hub will not exercise command and control authority over any stakeholders.


  • Hub leaders envision a total of approximately 90 civilian and military subject matter experts across the wide spectrum of professional domains comprise the Hub’s final manpower complement.

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