1. The NATO Strategic Direction - South Hub (NSD-S Hub) insignia has been designed to illustrate the core mission tenets that define the NSD-S.  Each shape and symbol is purposefully utilized to showcase the multi-dimensional functionality that the Hub will affect.

2. The insignia is round with the words "NATO Strategic Direction - South Hub" inscribed around the circle from the top to indicate the importance of the Hub within NATO.  The NATO insignia is placed distinctly in the background to symbolize NATO’s desire for understanding.

3. Inside the circle predominantly sits the map of "the South.” It brings to the forefront the general focus area of NSD-S as it is defined.  There are no distinct borders placed because understanding opportunities requires the Hub the work outside of acknowledged boundaries and established conventional wisdom.  At the heart of the insignia principally sits JFCNP.  JFCNP is located in the center because the infrastructure and people of JFCNP are the heart of the Hub.   


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