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Energy Security Vs. Energy Transition: A Zero-Sum Game? 02 February 2023 at 12:28 | |

Energy Security Vs. Energy Transition: A Zero-Sum Game?

To better understand the balance between energy security and energy transition, the NATO-ICI Regional Center and the NATO Strategic Direction-South Hub organized a joint Study Day.

Children in Violent Extremist Organisations in the Middle East and Africa 09 February 2023 | Transnational | Security & Conflict

Children in Violent Extremist Organisations in the Middle East and Africa

The purpose of this study is to analyse the phenomenon of child recruitment in relation to VEOs in the Middle East and Africa.

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Reading of the Week: Policing Search and Rescue NGOS in the Mediterranean

[ © Center For European policy Studies ]

 The policing of civil society actors conducting Search and Rescue (SAR) operations in the Mediterranean Sea has exposed long-standing unresolved controversies that reveal responsibility evasion strategies by some EU Member States which are incompatible with their obligations under international human rights, refugee, and maritime law. They also contradict the EU’s foundational principles, chiefly those related to the rule of law and justice.  

Cities as global actors: Bringing governance closer to the people

[ © Finnish Institute of International Affairs ]

 Globalization and extensive urbanization worldwide have brought cities to the forefront of global governance in a multilateral system designed and created for states. Cities have come to exercise power due in part to the inadequacy or ineffectiveness of inter-state action, but also because their democratic nature and immediate connection to the population make them legitimate actors. This Briefing Paper discusses the changing role played by cities transnationally as actors involved in global governance. It also seeks to increase awareness of the global rise of cities. The paper starts by exploring the empowerment of cities, followed by a discussion on the means through which cities exercise their power, as well as relevant policy sectors that constitute important parts of their global agenda. Finally, the Briefing Paper ponders the implications for the state-dominated international order.  

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The NSD-S HUB supports NATO in enhancing understanding of the regional dynamics in Africa and the Middle East. This is achieved through horizon scanning, and researching challenges and opportunities which influence security and stability. In addition, the NSD-S HUB assists NATO in harmonizing their activities in the South. .

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