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Food Security Challenges in Africa and the Middle East 13 July 2023 at 14:40 | Africa, Middle East | Socio Economic

Food Security Challenges in Africa and the Middle East

Food Security as a key socio-economic condition for security, political stability and sustainable development

The Southern Talks #3 - China in Africa 26 September 2023 at 15:00 | Africa, Transnational | Socio Economic

The Southern Talks #3 - China in Africa

An In-depth look at what China has achieved in Africa thus far.


Reframing EU–Tunisia Relations: Democracy, Governance, Migration

[ © Istituto Affari Internazionali ]

 This report summarises the key results of the closed-door roundtable, held in Rome on 8 June 2023 and organised by the IAI. Joined by a diverse group of experts, practitioners, policymakers and civil society representatives from Europe and the MENA region, the workshop provided an opportunity to reframe the nature and objectives of the EU–Tunisia relationship, moving from a short-term emergency focus to a more comprehensive appreciation of the multiple political, economic and governance challenges facing Tunisia in the short and medium term.  

Technologies to Counter the Diversion of Small Arms and Light Weapons, and Components of Conventional Weapons

[ © UN Institute for Disarmament Research ]

 There are many ways in which technology could help to counter the diversion of conventional weapons. Yet despite some discussions in international meetings on conventional arms control, we see limited evidence of technologies being used to strengthen or enhance efforts to prevent, detect, and investigate the diversion of conventional arms, their ammunition, and parts and components.  

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The NSD-S HUB supports NATO in enhancing understanding of the regional dynamics in Africa and the Middle East. This is achieved through horizon scanning, and researching challenges and opportunities which influence security and stability. In addition, the NSD-S HUB assists NATO in harmonizing their activities in the South. .

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