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Food Security Challenges in Africa and the Middle East 13 July 2023 at 14:40 | Africa, Middle East | Socio Economic

Food Security Challenges in Africa and the Middle East

Food Security as a key socio-economic condition for security, political stability and sustainable development

Artificial Intelligence: The Geopolitical & Security Implications 20 November 2023 at 15:37 | Transnational | Technology & Innovation

Artificial Intelligence: The Geopolitical & Security Implications

This fourth episode in our Southern Talks series is focused on the highly complex and timely topic of Artificial Intelligence


Africa is a Key Source of Critical Minerals for the Global Energy Transition But There are Hidden Dangers

[ © SAIIA ]

 Africa possesses significant reserves of the minerals that are essential for batteries, solar panels and other green tech that will underpin the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables. Africa’s mining industry, however, remains largely structured around a “pit-to-port” model that channels mineral ores elsewhere for processing.  

Multilateral development in flux: Strengthening European cooperation with the global south

[ © European Council On Foreign Relations ]

 European countries are rethinking their policies on multilateral development in the face of intersecting crises, geopolitical competition, and a loss of trust from the global south. The search for improved responses to global challenges such as climate change and pandemic disease has given new impetus to multilateral efforts.  

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The NSD-S HUB supports NATO in enhancing understanding of the regional dynamics in Africa and the Middle East. This is achieved through horizon scanning, and researching challenges and opportunities which influence security and stability. In addition, the NSD-S HUB assists NATO in harmonizing their activities in the South. .

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