COE-DAT visited JFCNP HQ on 27th and 28th of March 2018
Mar 31, 2018

Representatives from NATO’s Center of Excellence Defence Against Terrorism (COE-DAT), Colonel Jeremiah R. MONK (US Air Force) and Major Paul D. GODSON (US Army) visited JFCNP HQ on 27thand 28th of March 2018. COE-DAT is a NATO accredited multi-national sponsored entity located in Ankara, Turkey, whose membership is open to all NATO members. With 62 personnel from 8 nations , the centre focuses on providing key decision-makers with realistic solutions to terrorism and Counter-terrorism (CT) challenges.  

COE-DAT representatives were welcomed by NSD-S Hub Director Brig. Gen. Angius and then participated in discussions with Hub staff in order to find ways to cooperate and coordinate activities that are relevant to both organisations.  NSDS-Hub deputy director, Col Eric Asselin said "This was a really useful visit.  It supports one of our main roles, which is to better understand the wide range of activity that NATO is undertaking”.  He added "We are looking forward to working closely with colleagues from the COE-DAT in the future.”


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